Custom software development

So working through those what use cases in aggregating that information. Somebody that has to assemble this into functional specifications. What should the screens look like what do the data fields have to be how is this going to fit in the work flow. So so there's an integrating process and taking the multiple use cases as in developing a solution that meets those use case.

Best custom software development company and ideally the functional specs should specify what the screens in the look like when I develops functional specs they got diagrams of the screens were I want this is what the data fields should be this is what the data field show up and this is what it means and if you click on this button this is what's going to happen so the functionality should be addressed there.

Are the technical specification start to get into things like the data structure in the storage. Functional specs and technical specs can be separate documents. And in for very large projects they often are but there's advantages to doing it as a single document because as you develop the technical specifications you may need to make compromises and your functional specifications.

And you need to understand what are the costs of those compromises. And so there's one person who can do both of those things that often will work out the best. But in the functional side you know where the needs what is the software supposed to do house it can integrate into the work flow where is it going to be use who's going to be using it.

Because going to keep it running and will it hold up to increasing use and users to scalability very much a technical side of things because they're different ways of doing how providing the same functionality but you need to know how much it. To be able to be scaled ultimately.

So as I mentioned before this could be a single document or can be 2 different documents for one the document has definite advantages to it that may require expertise in multiple areas and so team approach may be needed.

Future uses provide use cases. And so that you as you use it give you realize it well I'd like to this it also be able to do this and in addition and so once you solve one problem new opportunities present themselves you need work flow analysis. You have to be able to define what are the tasks. Breakdown a process multistep process into the various components.

You may have someone with expertise in solution designer user interface development either expertise is in database modeling and design and an application structure and delivery so those are the areas in which there needs to be some sort of skill set established. Then there's the big questions of integration with your ally asks. And there are different levels and what I've done is taken some of the software that we've developed here and divided into the 4 categories that I have arbitrarily defined as stand alone software minimally integrated deeply integrated and fully integrated.

That I should try to say is a disclaimer out here we do have unique relationship with our LA us vendor that that allows us to do customizations to our ally us chart that's I think pretty unique not a lot of places have that but in many of these cases where you do need partially integrated or full integrated solutions you can contract with your ally a Spender to either do those for you well I'm sure if you pay them enough they will let you do whatever you want to do to your system.

Of course they will take that no responsibility for anything you need to go into that system a price you pay but stand alone software solutions are scanned document men file management or how we support system repetitive task enjoying engine her hot seat diagnosis tracking evaluation systems are stand alone they do not integrate with our application it anyway they do read data from the database that's your database you can read data from what you read data from a to write reports is no reason why you can't read data from it to operate other software.