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Republicans for Black Empowerment is on a mission to raise the value of black America's political capital by increasing awareness of the upside offered by conservative solutions to the black community's concerns. For over 40 years, black voters have staunchly aligned themselves with the Democratic Party on Election Day. However, an increasing number have begun questioning the wisdom of supporting: (i) social policies rooted in low expectations and government dependency; (ii) economic and tax policies that stifle economic growth, job creation, personal savings and investment; and (iii) education policies that refuse to subject public schools to the competitive pressures of school choice, leaving parents of predominantly black students in failing schools without the choices enjoyed by middle and upper-class Americans.

We believe misinformation rather than adequate 'return on investment' cements black allegiance to the Democratic Party. To that end, Republicans for Black Empowerment seeks to raise awareness, provoke greater critical thinking and increase Republican elected officials through executing a program aligned with four long-term goals:

  1. Provide a national networking infrastructure allowing black conservatives to discover one another more easily and stimulating the development of grassroots networks of activists across the country.
  2. Encourage members to become active in their local Republican party apparatus, respectively, through pursuing leadership roles at all levels including precinct, county and state leadership.
  3. Provide forums (i.e., online and offline) for black conservatives to exchange ideas and to raise awareness of alternate political solutions to addressing the concerns of the black electorate.
  4. Support political candidates with platforms aligned with improving the lives of all Americans, emphasizing (i) tax and economic policies conducive to optimal growth and job creation, (ii) urgent public education reform and (iii) minimal size of government.

Our membership is comprised of a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens from all ethnic groups and regions of the United States. Please join and support our efforts.

CONTACT US - Donald Scoggins - President -



BlackConservative360: A wellspring of diverse and eclectic center-right opinions from across the African Diaspora.

Public School Teacher Rebecca Friedrichs: "I Never Asked the Union to Represent Me."

"We're asking that teachers be able to decide for ourselves, without fear or coerscion, whether or not to join or fund a union," says Rebecca Friedrichs, a veteran public school teacher in Buena Park, Califorina. "It's that simple."

Friedrichs is the lead plantiffs in a lawsuit filed in April 2013 that seeks to overturn a California law that requires her to pay union dues even though she's not a member of the union.

There are twenty-six states with "ageny shop" laws of this sort in place.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association in its fall session.

Lenny McAllister ― Why An “Aye” Vote is the Wrong Vote for the Iran Deal

Lenny McAllister, a black conservative commentator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is none too pleased with the Obama administration's recent Iran agreement.

He writes on his website: "When Mike Doyle, Keith Rothfus and others reconvene on Capitol Hill, America will face another historic moment, one that determines our role as a force for good and a protector of peace for our nation and our allies.
Right now, Iran has the resources and the know-how to produce several nuclear weapons. Setbacks originating from the Stuxnet virus 5 years ago and fairly recent assurances from the Obama Administration that Iran was not readily “breakout-capable” have not deterred Iran. Neither have strong international sanctions, as Iran has been capable of maintaining nuclear progress including covert operations at Fordow while enduring hits to its economy.
America and our allies share a primary goal that must not be overlooked in the quest to secure any deal in lieu of a good deal. We must prevent Iran from destabilizing the Middle East and beyond with its support of terrorism throughout the region and its long-standing, hate-filled opposition to Israel and America.
Any agreement that focuses on checking off one box of an agenda without securing the overall mission fails us and our friends around the world."

Read the full article HERE.

If Democratic rule has been so bad for Baltimore, where is the GOP?

Of course, blaming Democratic politicians for the complex, multi-generational problems of Baltimore is easy because it's your only choice. The city has not had a mayor from the Grand Old Party since Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin in 1967, and as of this writing, no Republican has entered the field of candidates for the 2016 municipal election. 


(From The Baltimore Sun)

"Another email arrived the other day from a citizen who blames Democrats for everything bad about Baltimore — for the poverty and the potholes, the homicides and homelessness, the high property taxes and the trash in the Inner Harbor. These assertions have been arriving in a moderate flow since the April riot, framed between harsh criticism of Baltimore's Democratic mayor and soaring praise for Maryland's Republican governor who "saved the city."

The most recent email came from an "interested friend" — few writers of these letters sign their names — who declared: "Democrats have had Baltimore in its grip for 50 years and it's an incorrigible mess."

Of course, blaming Democratic politicians for the complex, multi-generational problems of Baltimore is easy because it's your only choice. The city has not had a mayor from the Grand Old Party since Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin in 1967, and as of this writing, no Republican has entered the field of candidates for the 2016 municipal election.

Read the full article HERE.

Sharon Brooks Hodge ― Why Do We Ignore Black Right-to-Lifers?

Sharon Brooks Hodge, a Martinsville, Va., councilwoman and executive director of the Black Family Preservation Group, sees bias in the way the black pro-life movement is portrayed in the media.

"When angry African Americans took to the streets in protest against the shooting death of teenager Mike Brown, media around the globe converged on Ferguson, Missouri.  The nation empathized with Brown’s mother as she commiserated with the grief-stricken mother of Treyvon  Martin, who also was put to death before he had a chance to truly live.
Every day some 1,786 African-American children are destined to a similar fate – killed in their innocence. Unfortunately, the cause of their death is abortion, so the politically correct social police condone these deaths, giving permission for the public to look the other way and ignore the genocide.

The propaganda is that it is a “woman’s choice.”

According to LEARN — The Life Education And Resource Network — African American women make up 12 percent of the population, yet they account for 37 percent of all abortions. Consequentially, African Americans in the United States are presently beneath the replacement rate of the existing population. In plain language, we are killing ourselves faster than we are pro-creating.

That is a concern for some folks. Such a concern that more than 400 men, women and children held demonstrations in Newark, New Jersey, Lawnside, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, District Heights, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. You likely didn’t read about it in the newspaper. Not even the local black paper. Nor did you see images on the 24-hour news networks. The media virtually ignored the marches.

I commend for letting us know that there are African Americans who value the sanctity of life.

“National attention would be nice but national conviction is why we are marching,” stated the Rev. Dr. Clenard Childress Jr. assistant to the National Director and founder of the website “African Americans whether they are Democrat, Republican or Independent cannot any longer allow public perception to be that people of color condone and support the dismemberment of children in the womb.”

His sentiments were echoed by Starr Parker, founder and president of CURE (Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education. Parker has called for a boycott of Planned Parenthood.
“It is time for us to wake up and stop this holocaust. It is time for our congressional leaders and Supreme Court to understand that we need a new civil rights amendment. We need to overthrow Roe v Wade! It is time for us to stand up and say Roe V Wade and Dred Scott read verbatim and there is something wrong with calling a human being, a human life, property.”
It is unlikely that the black pro-life movement will gain national traction anytime soon. Particularly considering that in September Planned Parenthood Federation of America partnered with BET Networks to sponsor an issue forum as part of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) 44th Annual Legislative Conference.

According to Childress, “It is abominable and the epitome of gross negligence when black elected officials caucus and plan with the leading killer of black children and facilitators of mental anguish of black women.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Stop funding racism and genocide."

Sharon Brooks Hodge is executive director of Black Family Preservation Group, Inc., a national organization that promotes marriage and 2-parent homes as the best environment for raising children. Learn more about Black Family Preservation Group, Inc. by visiting our website at:, follow us on Twitter @BlackFamilyPG, or connect with us on Facebook.


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