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A Historic Night for 3 Black Republicans


 Last night, Utah’s Mia Love was elected to be the the first black woman elected to Congress. Additionally, Senator Tim Scott became the first African American Senator elected in South Carolina.

Source: The Politic365. Read full article.

As the GOP made historic gains on Tuesday night, three black Republicans made history.

Utah’s Mia Love became the first black female member of the GOP to ever be elected to Congress and the first person of color ever to represent the state. Tim Scott became the first black candidate to be elected to statewide office since Reconstruction and the first ever black senator elected in South Carolina. And House candidate Will Hurd became the first black Republican elected in Texas since Reconstruction

Source: MSNBCRead full article.

Meet Mia Love. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Republicans’ first black congresswoman.

For at least half a century, the party of Lincoln has battled charges that it is racist, sexist and anti-immigrant. Today, voters from a conservative state made those arguments a little bit harder to make. In Utah, Mia Love became the first black Republican woman — and first Haitian American — elected to Congress.

Source: The Washington Post. Read full article.



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Republicans for Black Empowerment is on a mission to raise the value of black America's political capital by increasing awareness of the upside offered by conservative solutions to the black community's concerns. For over 40 years, black voters have staunchly aligned themselves with the Democratic Party on Election Day. However, an increasing number have begun questioning the wisdom of supporting: (i) social policies rooted in low expectations and government dependency; (ii) economic and tax policies that stifle economic growth, job creation, personal savings and investment; and (iii) education policies that refuse to subject public schools to the competitive pressures of school choice, leaving parents of predominantly black students in failing schools without the choices enjoyed by middle and upper-class Americans.

We believe misinformation rather than adequate 'return on investment' cements black allegiance to the Democratic Party. To that end, Republicans for Black Empowerment seeks to raise awareness, provoke greater critical thinking and increase Republican elected officials through executing a program aligned with four long-term goals:

  1. Provide a national networking infrastructure allowing black conservatives to discover one another more easily and stimulating the development of grassroots networks of activists across the country.
  2. Encourage members to become active in their local Republican party apparatus, respectively, through pursuing leadership roles at all levels including precinct, county and state leadership.
  3. Provide forums (i.e., online and offline) for black conservatives to exchange ideas and to raise awareness of alternate political solutions to addressing the concerns of the black electorate.
  4. Support political candidates with platforms aligned with improving the lives of all Americans, emphasizing (i) tax and economic policies conducive to optimal growth and job creation, (ii) urgent public education reform and (iii) minimal size of government.

Our membership is comprised of a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens from all ethnic groups and regions of the United States. Please join and support our efforts.

CONTACT US - Donald Scoggins - President -




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